Summoned (2014)


Katie Travis Films presents SUMMONED, an action/adventure/fantasy short !lm created by Minnesota talent. When a mysterious summons arrives, Elizabeth Estel (Katie Travis), once part of the great rebellion, seizes her chance to give the key to the rebel’s secret passage to the King with the hope that he might take her back into his service. However, coming out of hiding brings Captain Wolf (Joshua Robertson) and his rebel scouts hounding her trail. With the help of a blind woodsman, Glyndrill (Josh Cisewski), and the wood elf, Aagwena (Karissa Travis), Elizabeth must reach the King’s men on the seventh day…or else die in the attempt.


  • Director: Katie Travis-Plaisted
  • Producers: Karen Travis, Rebecca Heerdt
  • Screenwriters: Katie Travis-Plaisted & Karen Travis
  • Director of Photography: Peter Wagner
  • Editor: Joey Albrecht
  • Music Composers: Andy Karg & Kathryn Karg
  • ELIZABETH: Katie Travis-Plaisted
  • GLYNDRILL: Josh Cisewski
  • AAGWENA: Karissa Travis
  • CAPTAIN WOLF: Joshua Robertson
  • PEDDLER: Chris Audet
  • and many more


In 2015 Summoned traveled the film festival circut and was honored to be an Official Selection 2015 at the SPEECHLESS FILM FESTIVAL (Mankato, MN) Friday, March 20, 2015.

Summoned was chosen as an Official Selection 2015 at the BAREBONES INTERNATIONAL FILM & MUSIC FESTIVAL (Muskogee, OK) and was screened at the Roxy Theater on Friday, April 17, 2015. Summoned was also an Award Nominee 2015 for BEST FAMILY FEATURE and the FORD AUSTIN’S BEST DIRECTOR FEATURE.

Summoned was also an Official Selection 2015 at the ILLINOIS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (Westmont, IL) on May 2-3, 2015.

Summoned screened at the HECTOR DAYS 2015 FILM FESTIVAL (Hector, MN) on July 10, 2015.

Summoned‘s original motion picture soundtrack by Andy and Kathryn Karg was an ORIGINAL MUSIC SCORE NOMINEE at the BAREBONES INTERNATIONAL FILM & MUSIC
FESTIVAL (Muskogee, OK) in 2016.