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Inspired by the Biblical story of Elijah and the Prophets of Baal. Katie Travis Films presents GOD OF ALL TIME – a short film set in a futuristic dystopia under the religious rule of Ashna the Goddess of Time and her mouthpiece the Czar Ahab (Timothy James). Elijah (Joel Robertson), a man on the run because of his illegal faith in the LORD, must prove that the LORD is the True God or else die by the hand of the powerful czar.

Cast & Crew

Director: Katie Travis-Plaisted

Producers: Mitchel Plaisted & Katie Travis-Plaisted

Screenwriters: Katie Travis-Plaisted & Andrea Merboth

Director of Photography: Peter Wagner

ELIJAH: Joel Robertson

CZAR AHAB: Timothy James

OBADIAH: Timothy Plaisted

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Katie Travis Films presents NOT TITLED, a dramatic short film. Two playwrights are literally locked in a room until they can create a story that will save both of their wavering careers. However, two creative minds could not have more different approaches. Tension arises when Emily Praxford (Kyla Machacek) objects to Jane Warren’s (Tia Sirovy) edgy approach to Act 3 and clings to her uncommon and rather traditional moral code. Can these unlikely collaborators find a common ground and write a story that will inspire the world to hope or despair?


Director/Writer: Katie Travis-Plaisted




MARCH 19, 2016 – Not Titled was honored to be an Official Selection 2016 at the SPEECHLESS FILM FESTIVAL (Mankato, MN).

MAY 14, 2016 – Not Titled was selected as an Official Selection 2016 at the ILLINOIS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (Aurora, IL).


NOT TITLED was filmed in October 2015 and was the first film to be shot at STUDIO 155 in Hector, Minnesota. The purpose behind the making of this short film was to continue director Katie Travis’ training specifically in the realms of a dialogue-heavy production piece and the shaping of performances. This project was inspired by Katie Travis’ film school experience. This artistic achievement was entirely created by a volunteer cast and crew. Post-production was completed by the first week of November 2015. The film debuted with a sneak peek 24 hour online screening on February 16, 2016. Not Titled ventured through the film festival circut in 2016 and is now available online.



Katie Travis Films presents SUMMONED, an action/adventure/fantasy short film created by Minnesota talent. When a mysterious summons arrives, Elizabeth Estel (Katie Travis), once part of the great rebellion, seizes her chance to give the key to the rebel’s secret passage to the King with the hope that he might take her back into his service. However, coming out of hiding brings Captain Wolf (Joshua Robertson) and his rebel scouts hounding her trail. With the help of a blind woodsman, Glyndrill (Josh Cisewski), and the wood elf, Aagwena (Karissa Travis), Elizabeth must reach the King’s men on the seventh day…or else die in the attempt.


Director: Katie Travis

Producers: Karen Travis, Rebecca Heerdt, Katie Travis

Writers: Katie Travis, Karen Travis

Director of Photography: Peter Wagner

Editor: Joey Albrecht

Assistant Director: Joshua Robertson

Assistant Camera: Abbie Elrod, Bob McManus, Dustin West

Make-up Artist: Jacqi Beck

Costume Design: Karen Travis

Music Composer: Andy Karg & Kathryn Karg


GLYNDRILL: Josh Cisewski

AAGWENA: Karissa Travis

CAPTAIN WOLF: Joshua Robertson

PEDDLER: Chris Audet

BRIAN: Joel Robertson

and more


SUMMONED came to life in the summer of 2013. The purpose behind the making of this short film was to continue the entirely volunteer cast and crew’s training in professional film technique. Like any art form, the only way to hone your craft is by doing it. This film is over three times the length of Katie Travis’ previous film The Golden Key; with a cast of over twenty actors, period costumes, visual effects, and locations from Hector, MN to Maiden Rock, WI.

Having completed the script in the early summer of 2013, Katie Travis started searching for the filmmaking talent that could bring this story to life. Once when describing the scope of the project to a potential crew member she was told “You know this is impossible right?” She responded “Yes.” There was a pause… “Well, ok, as long as you know. So how are we going to do this?” Production began on August 3, 2013 and wrapped on September 21, 2013 – beautifully shot by Director of Photography Peter Wagner of MediaKiln, LLC. Over the next several months the film was in the editing room with Joey Albrecht (winner of MCTC’s Cinema Excellence Awards: Editing for The Golden Key). Picture lock of the film was reached in mid-February 2014 and was then scored by the musical brilliance of Andy and Kathryn Karg of 2gether Productions. Between April and September 2014 sound design, ADR recording, color grading, and visual effects were in motion; as well as, a successful Indiegogo Funding Campaign to exhibit the project. The film premiered in September, with a November DVD release. Order your DVD here.


On September 20th, 2013 SUMMONED, premiered at the Marcus Cinema (Shakopee, MN).

In 2015 Summoned traveled the film festival circut and was honored to be an Official Selection 2015 at the SPEECHLESS FILM FESTIVAL (Mankato, MN) Friday, March 20, 2015.

Summoned was chosen as an Offical Selection 2015 at the BAREBONES INTERNATIONAL FILM & MUSIC FESTIVAL (Muskogee, OK) and was screened at the Roxy Theater on Friday, April 17, 2015. Summoned was also an Award Nominee 2015 for BEST FAMILY FEATURE and the FORD AUSTIN’S BEST DIRECTOR FEATURE.

Summoned was also an Official Selection 2015 at the ILLINOIS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (Westmont, IL) on May 2-3, 2015.

Summoned screened at the HECTOR DAYS 2015 FILM FESTIVAL (Hector, MN) on July 10, 2015.

Summoned‘s original motion picture soundtrack by Andy and Kathryn Karg was an ORIGINAL MUSIC SCORE NOMINEE at the BAREBONES INTERNATIONAL FILM & MUSIC FESTIVAL (Muskogee, OK) in 2016.

Bring home this award-nominated adventure/fantasy short film on DVD and journey to a world of elves, heroes and adventure. Includes 50-min short film, hilarious “Summend: Blooper Reel“, and more.



THE GOLDEN KEY is a drama/adventure student short film directed by Katie Travis and a MCTC Cinema Division Production 2012. The tale of a young prairie boy whose search for treasure is crushed by a devastating tragedy. He must overcome his fears or lose everything.


Director: Katie Travis

Producers: Katie Travis, Karen Travis, Rebecca Heerdt, Luke Johnson

Screenwriter: Abbie Elrod

Screen Story: Katie Travis

Director of Photography: Innokenty Zavyalov

Editor: Joey Albrecht

Art Directors: Tom Heerdt & Rebecca Heerdt

Music Composer: Kathryn Knuttila

Costume Designer: Karen Travis

Academic Advisors: Santanu Chatterjee, Mary Ahmann, Hafed Bouassida

IAN: Noah Coon

HELEN: Anna Klemp

JOHN: Roger Wayne

About the Project

THE GOLDEN KEY was Katie Travis’ thesis project upon graduating Minneapolis Community and Technical College’s A.S. degree program in Cinema: Directing and Producing. This 1800s time-period production was filmed on location in Hector, Minnesota in February 2012. The original story of this short film was inspired by the short story by The Brothers Grimm of the same title. The film was shot over five days in the unpredictable Minnesota winter with the Panasonic HPX-170 camera. This film’s original musical score was composed by Kathryn Knuttila from McNally Smith College of Music. THE GOLDEN KEY premiered in May 2012.


Winner of MCTC’s 2012 Cinema Excellence Awards for “Best Director”, “Best Cinematographer”, “Best Editor”, and a Finalist for “Best Screenwriter”.

MAY 11, 2012 – THE GOLDEN KEY screened at the MCTC Short Film Expo.

JUNE 19, 2012 – Katie Travis FILM GRADUATION CELEBRATION at Marcus Shakopee Cinema

SEPTEMBER 20, 2014 – SUMMONED Premiere Screening at Marcus Shakopee Cinema