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Katie Travis-Plaisted, Founder & Director
Katie Travis Films, LLC strives to bring quality, hope-filled, cinematic film production to the Twin Cities through video production, narrative filmmaking, and cinematic training experiences. With a degree in Cinema: Directing and Producing and experience in nearly every aspect of the filmmaking process - Katie Travis-Plaisted and her husband, Mitchel Plaisted, offer a wide range of quality video services, create narrative short films, and train upcoming filmmakers to shine a light of hope in a very dark industry.

Video Production Services

Cinematic Storytelling for the Video You Need

Capture the story of your wedding, bat mizvah, anniversary celebration, and more with a priceless keepsake.

Communicate the heart of your business or promote your next event with an excitingly edited video.

Are you an actor in need of a demo reel or a self-tape audition that can quickly showcase your talents with professional quality footage? We got you covered.

Does your video production company need a quality cut for your next client? We can help you meet your deadline with the fine cut you need.

Are you a student with a dream of being in the film industry? Katie Travis-Plaisted is now offering cinema production classes to homeschoolers.

Have you been eager to learn more about the movie-making? Wish you could gain more on-set experience? Coming Soon!



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Synopsis Inspired by the Biblical story of Elijah and the Prophets of Baal. Katie Travis Films presents GOD OF ALL TIME – a short film set in a futuristic dystopia under the religious rule of Ashna the Goddess of Time and her mouthpiece the Czar Ahab (Timothy James). Elijah (Joel Robertson), a man on the […]


SYNOPSIS Katie Travis Films presents NOT TITLED, a dramatic short film. Two playwrights are literally locked in a room until they can create a story that will save both of their wavering careers. However, two creative minds could not have more different approaches. Tension arises when Emily Praxford (Kyla Machacek) objects to Jane Warren’s (Tia Sirovy) edgy […]


SYNOPSIS Katie Travis Films presents SUMMONED, an action/adventure/fantasy short film created by Minnesota talent. When a mysterious summons arrives, Elizabeth Estel (Katie Travis), once part of the great rebellion, seizes her chance to give the key to the rebel’s secret passage to the King with the hope that he might take her back into his service. However, […]