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Welcome to Katie Travis Films, LLC! We offer a wide range of video production services for special events, promotionals, demo reels, and more.
With her passion for creative hope-filled cinematic stories, owner and director – Katie Travis-Plaisted – also creates narrative film productions that have been recognized nation wide, and provides student film training opportunities. Thank you for visiting our site. Contact us today to start unlocking your story with us!

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We specialize in capturing the story of your Wedding Day, Bat/Bar Mitzvah, or Special Event with professional video footage edited into a priceless keepsake that will keep the memories alive for years to come. LEARN MORE

Our Team

Katie Travis-Plaisted

Director, Videographer, Editor New York born, Katie Travis-Plaisted grew up in a…

Mitchel Plaisted

Sound & Video Technician ABOUT Mitchel Plaisted was born and grew up…


Movie Productions

God of All Time (2019)

SYNOPSIS Inspired by the biblical story of “Elijah and the Prophets of…

Not Titled (2015)

SYNOPSIS Katie Travis Films presents NOT TITLED, a dramatic short !lm. Two…

Summoned (2014)

SYNOPSIS Katie Travis Films presents SUMMONED, an action/adventure/fantasy short !lm created by…

God of All Time (2019)

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Wow… I’m speechless. This is absolutely stunning. I can’t thank you enough for helping me have the courage to put myself out there. … You’re an amazing director and filmist.”

Audition Reel Actor

“A – MAZ – ING as usual! … We watched the conference promo and a roar of cheers went out! … Thank you soooooo much. Very excited to get this out.”

Promo Video Client

“That is so goooood! You completely caught our heartbeat! It is beautiful and perfectly timed with the music.”

Organization Video Client