Katie Travis Films presents NOT TITLED, a dramatic short film. Two playwrights are literally locked in a room until they can create a story that will save both of their wavering careers. However, two creative minds could not have more different approaches. Tension arises when Emily Praxford (Kyla Machacek) objects to Jane Warren's (Tia Sirovy) edgy approach to Act 3 and clings to her uncommon and rather traditional moral code. Can these unlikely collaborators find a common ground and write a story that will inspire the world to hope or despair?

About the Project

NOT TITLED was filmed in October 2015 and was the first film to be shot at STUDIO 155 in Hector, Minnesota. The purpose behind the making of this short film was to continue director Katie Travis' training specifically in the realms of a dialogue-heavy production piece and the shaping of performances. This project was inspired by Katie Travis' film school experience. This artistic achievement was entirely created by a volunteer cast and crew. Post-production was completed by the first week of November 2015. The film debuted with a sneak peek 24 hour online screening on February 16, 2016. Not Titled is currently venturing through the festival circut and will release as a digital download later in 2016.


MARCH 19, 2016 - Not Titled was honored to be an Official Selection 2016 at the SPEECHLESS FILM FESTIVAL (Mankato, MN).

MAY 14, 2016 - Not Titled was selected as an Official Selection 2016 at the ILLINOIS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (Aurora, IL).

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Witness Katie Travis Films' thought-provoking dramatic short film, NOT TITLED from director Katie Travis starring Tia Sirovy and Kyla Machacek.


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