Are you an actor in need of a demo reel that can quickly showcase your talents with professional quality footage? Here at Katie Travis Films we offer full demo reel production packages. With handcrafted original scenes you get to perform the type of characters and emotions you want. Filmed like clips right out of a movie and edited into a succinct 60-90sec reel, this will give you the professional edge you are looking for.

Honestly when a director watches your reel, they will most likely judge if you can act in the first 10 seconds they watch. Therefore do not let them get distracted by poor lighting or bad camera composition, or stuck staring at your co-star. That is why at Katie Travis Films we focus on highlighting you through short monologues that portray the character types you want to play. In addition, we believe that one of the greatest ways of showing off your acting ability is through performing a transition of emotion that roots from the heart and that is conveyed through your eyes. As such we will design your monologue scene showing your character transitioning from two of your selected emotions from Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions.

For those new to acting, not to worry, Katie Travis-Plaisted has experience on both sides of the camera as a director, actor (theater/film), and acting coach and will guide you through each scene and give you the helpful tips you need to be on camera well.

So let's get started...


  • Three 30-60sec original monologues
  • 1.5hr shoot per monologue at scene designated location
  • Shot with professional grade equipment
  • Production Sound Mixer
  • Film director/acting coach on set to help you give your best performance
  • Fully edited 60-90sec Demo Reel
  • Color Correction
  • Sound Mixing
  • Full Resolution MOV file


  • One 60sec original monologue
  • 1.5hr shoot at scene designated location
  • Shot with professional grade equipment
  • Production Sound Mixer
  • Film director/acting coach on set to help you give your best performance
  • Edited
  • Color Correction
  • Sound Mixing
  • Full Resolution MOV file


  • Headshot - Do not have a professional headshot yet? Or need a headshot while your "look" transitions? We can also provide a full face headshot during the shoot upon request. You will receive a high-quality final selection with basic editing and touchup. - $40
  • Resume - Want to make sure your resume looks professional? Send us your info and we will send you a finished PDF document along with an editable template. - $25
  • Video file compression (for Vimeo, YouTube, etc). - $20
  • Add past film work to your demo reel. - $20 per clip (NOTE: Footage must be provided in a digital video format - i.e. MOV, MP4, etc.)

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  • Wardrobe and make-up must be provided by you.
  • Bring your own props when applicable to your scene.
  • Transportation to locations will not be provided.
  • All filming will be shot in areas surrounding the TWIN CITIES.
  • If you require tweaks after your final reel edit is complete, additional edit time is $60/hr.
  • CANCELATION - 50% refund will be transacted if project is canceled up to 24hr before scheduled production day. No refunds after production day. To reschedule a shoot there will be a $20 charge.
  • Minors (under 18) must be accompanied by parent/guardian at all times.
  • Full Demo Reel Packages have an approximate turnaround time of four weeks. Katie Travis Films' available openings for shooting are limited, so please be patient as we get yours scheduled. Thank you.
  • If you would like to request any changes to your received Scripts, understand that this will extend the project's turn around time.

    Katie Travis Films' always strives to provide a positive, uplifting on-set experience for all ages and as such holds to a high standard professionally and morally. Though is may seem unusual, all Katie Travis Films' productions including demo reels follow Owtsar Studios' PazCode, which require showing no excessive violence or gore, no sexual or lustfully suggestive content, no profanity, no crude humor or obscenity, and only modest costuming. By purchasing a Katie Travis Films' package you are agreeing to adhere to this standard (including footage from past films that you submit to be added to your demo reel). Thank you for your cooperation to help make this experience the best possible.