Katie Travis-Plaisted

Katie Travis-Plaisted has a passion for professional visual storytelling, striving for excellence in every area she has entered. She's visionary as a film director and eager to collaborate to tell stories through one of the world's most powerful mediums - the motion pictures.

New York born, Katie Travis-Plaisted grew up in a theatrical family. In 1999, she moved to Minnesota where she currently lives. At the age of eight Katie was hired as a performer in the stage show "Illusion & Beyond" and was part of its USA tour until 2007. For over twenty years she has been trained in classical ballet and performance; with seventeen of those years spent at Reign Dance Theater, a non-profit theatrical dance organization. Since age twelve Katie has been contracted by Reign Dance Theater as their media/graphics designer creating promotional materials: posters, flyers, promo videos, website, and performance event dvds. In 2015 she came on staff as their Media Director and Acting Coach. Katie's gifts in storytelling and visual orchestration was realized early on as a pre-teen and led to her passion for the film industry.

After graduating from high school in 2010, Katie Travis-Plaisted enrolled in Minneapolis Community and Technical College's A.S. degree program majoring in Cinema: Directing and Producing, where she trained in the art of filmmaking under Santanu Chatterjee, Hafed Bouassida, Bix Skahill, and other professors. While there she had the opportunity to use 16mm cameras, direct a short film shot on the RED camera, as well as work with SAG through their Student Films Contract. Her thesis film project The Golden Key; - the story of a young boy finding hope to keep going beyond grief - was set in the timeframe of the 1800s and was filmed on location in Hector, MN. "The Golden Key" won MCTC's 2012 Cinema Excellence Awards for Directing, Cinematography, Editing, and was a Finalist for Screenwriting.

In the summer of 2013 she started her own LLC, Katie Travis Films, to produce her first independent short film outside of film school - Summoned. The 50-minute adventure/fantasy film was shot over 15 days with a cast of over twenty actors, period costumes, visual effects, and in locations from Hector, MN to Maiden Rock, WI. After a successful Indiegogo campaign, "Summoned" premiered at the Marcus Shakopee Cinema on September 20th, 2014. The film went on to be an Official Selection 2015 at Speechless Film Festival (Mankato, MN), Illinois International Film Festival (Westmont, IL), and Barebones International Film and Music Festival (Muskogee, OK) - where it was also an Award Nominee 2015 for "BEST FAMILY FEATURE" and the "FORD AUSTIN'S BEST DIRECTOR FEATURE" and Award Nominee 2016 for "BEST ORIGINAL MOVIE SCORE".

In 2015 Katie Travis-Plaisted directed and produced the dramatic short film Not Titled which was honored as an Official Selection 2016 at Speechless Film Festival and Illinois International Film Festival. That same year she founded Owtsar Studios, LLC - a motion picture production company based in Minnesota - and began pre-production for her first feature film "Endure: A Fairytale". Fall 2017 she began teaching film classes as an instructor at homeschool co-ops in the Twin Cities (learn more) and does special event videography and freelance editing for video production companies. Currently Katie Travis-Plaisted and her husband, Mitchel Plaisted, live in Hennepin County, Minnesota.

Katie Travis-Plaisted has experience in a wide range of filmmaking skills; having served in the positions of Director, Producer, Screenwriter, and Editor on many projects; as well as, Assistant Director, Actor, Assistant Editor, and Sound Designer. Beyond narrative storytelling, she has done documentary projects, training videos, multi-camera shoots and editing, interviews, promotional videos, and special events such as theatrical performances, weddings, and bat mitzvahs. Katie's dream is to bring quality, high-standard, film productions to Minnesota that tell powerfully inspiring stories and shine a light into what has become a very dark industry.

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Director Demo Reel: Katie Travis-Plaisted

Actor Demo Reel: Katie Travis-Plaisted


  • EXTRAORDINARY (short film) [2017]
  • ENDURE: A FAIRYTALE [pre-production]
  • NOT TITLED (short film) [2015]
  • SUMMONED (short film) [2014]
  • THE GOLDEN KEY (student short) [2012]
  • FORGOTTEN TREASURES (student documentary short) [2011]
  • PARALLEL THREAD (student documentary short) [2011]
  • FAITH'S CONFESSION (student short) [2011]
  • PAY IT BACKWARDS (student short) [2011]
  • PREPARE THE WAY (student short) [2011]
  • FINALE (student short) [2010]